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Programmable Counting Scale System

Download UAS4000 Counting Scale System Brochure

The UAS4000 Counting Scale System package is a fully programmable counting scale. Designed in conjunction with a 30 year veteran counting scale company, the UAS4000 far exceeds any couning scale system on the market today and implements all the functions that clients have been looking for in their counting scales but were up until now unable to acquire.

The UAS4000 Counting Scale System package is a fully programmable counting scale capable of. 

Integrate it over your network.  Call for information

Screen Shot of the UAS4000 Label Sticker Printing Counting Scale
Demo Available Contact Us for details

Part Number Database Storage
Bar Code Label Printing
Customizable Fields
Unlimited Label Formats
Up to 4 Scale inputs
PC Interface
Setpoint Relay Control
Ethernet Communications
Bar Code Scanner Integration

The UAS4000 System is fully configurable. The System can be set up to prompt for any data you wish as well as print any label you wish. There is no limit to how many different label designs and fields you can come up with. Under the [Sys Admin] tab the user can

Edit Database Titles (Up to 4) ie. Desc - Desc 2 above
Edit Variable Field Titles (Up to 2) Not Shown on scale screen
Enter a Starting Serial Number
Enter a default label format number

Using Databases :

Each Database entry consists of a Part Number ,4 additional fields, prefered label format and a unit weight

Each Part Number In The Database Can Have Its Own Label Format. If no format is chosen the default label format is printed. The default format can be either the built in format shown here or a label designed by you. Any size, any style.

Using the Create-a-Label Windows software that comes with the Zebra /Eltron label printers, multiple label formats can be designed. A Sample label is shipped with every system which can be easily modified to our needs.

Accumulators can also be used to keep track of how many parts are sent in a shipment as well as how many transactions.

Connect a PC to COM3 on the scale and get a comma delimeted line for each transaction made.

Sample UAS4000 Label Printing Counting Scale Label


counting scale indicator
Counterpart® Configurable Counting Indicator

AC operated (battery operation is option)
 graphic LCD display
Lb/kg/oz/g weight display conversion
Single- or dual-channel models with serial scale input
Mix and match platforms with console
4 setpoint outputs for counting
2 RS-232 ports for connecting peripherals
Ethernet TCP/IP Scanner input (RS-232)
mid-high resolution counting scale
DIGI® DC-788 Series Counting Scale
 Counting resolution of 1/1,000,000
Auto-recomputing function
Negative Counting
Bright green LED
 Lb/kg weight display conversion
Full-duplex RS-232 output to PC or printer
AC or rechargeable battery operation* (battery optional)
Remote scale capability
100 product look up registers
NTEP for non-counting applications
counting scale
A&D® HC-i Series Counting Scale
Sealed removable display unit
Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI)
Audible Weighing Assist beeping function (AWA)
Computer display function - Hi/OK/Lo Accumulation function Full-digital calibration function
Auto power-off function

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